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Global Change Begins at Home

Planet Earth is in trouble. The evidence is everywhere and all but overwhelming. We care desperately for the future of life on earth, but we feel helpless in the face of corporate disregard for anything but profit and governmental disregard of all but corporate interests. The power, we feel, is out of our hands, and environmental disaster is seemingly inevitable. Hopelessness has become our worst enemy.


Start Now stands against hopelessness. There are a great many actions individuals can take to reverse the course of environmental degradation. Every drop of water, every scrap of land, every breath of air that we improve is that much water, land and air that is no longer getting worse. There are many millions of us, and each and every one of us has the power to bring about improving changes without the help or permission of any government or any other person or entity. At Start Now we say – do them, and start right now!


Individuals will wonder “what does it matter what I do when there are so many huge problems?” First of all, it matters because what you are doing is right, while the way before was wrong. You know that, and feel good about it. Then, it matters because what you are doing makes your own life better, healthier, more vigorous, more fun! This speaks for itself! Finally, it matters because the cumulative effect of millions of us doing something right instead of acquiescing in something wrong makes a change that reverberates to the highest levels of those “in power” and forces them to take notice and begin to make changes themselves.


The truth is that all the power belongs to us, and we have been giving it away! Governments can’t exist without our support and corporations can’t sell what we won’t buy! Our independent actions chip away at hopelessness until it disappears. Asking “them” to fix things doesn’t work. Let’s try telling “them,” and change that paradigm, and let’s Start Now.